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Tailored investment strategy for advisors who want to confidently grow their business

Many financial advisors want to spend less time on investment management and more time working with their clients and scaling their practices. However, they don’t want to give up control of important investment decisions. Alvarium Analytics tailors investment strategies to your goals and preferences and delivers compliant, understandable portfolio recommendations.

Our systematic process means you save time but maintain control

1. Design

 We design portfolios based on your goals and the risk, return, and tax status of the target accounts.

2. Allocate

 We allocate assets according to strategic and tactical investment models and macro-economic research. You have control over the final decisions.

3. Invest

 We select mutual fund and ETF investments using a systematic process that identifies ‘skilled’ managers and considers your fund preferences.

4. Manage

 We have a rigorous compliance process including “rebalance reports” that document every change to your portfolios.

5. Communicate

 We provide a secure dashboard with advanced visualizations, weekly commentary, and in-depth analysis.

Jonathan Calvert, CFA

Jonathan Calvert founded Alvarium Analytics as the result of a financial planning meeting with his advisor in 2013.
Jonathan has thirty years of asset management experience. He spent the first decade of his career at GMO as a researcher and portfolio manager in global equities.  He was the Director of Quantitative Trading Research and a Partner when he left the firm.
Mr. Calvert subsequently designed and managed equity and allocation products at Ameriprise Financial and BNY Mellon.  Jonathan co-founded Alvarium Capital, which ran a multifrequency long/short equity hedge fund.

Jonathan sits on the Executive Committee of the Boston Economic Club and was the President in 2019/2020.

Access innovative visualizations and reports

As an Alvarium subscriber, you and your team get access to a secure interactive website with reports, visualizations, and analytics describing your portfolios.